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Mello event: Woodford Debacle - Reflections, Redress and Reform

Leigh Day would like to thank ShareSoc and Mello for organising the event, as well as the other members of the panel for their insightful contributions, and the investors in the Woodford Equity Income Fund who shared their stories. A huge thank you also to all of those who attended the webinar, for your interesting and relevant questions, and for all the positive feedback on the event.

The video starts with Cliff Weight from Share Soc explaining why the organisation endorsed the Leigh Day claim.

Boz Michalowska from Leigh Day and Derreck Dale QC, Fountain Court Chambers follow at 1hr and 18mins, they explain the Leigh Day Claim against Link.

This document includes a review of the event and answers a list of answers to questions raised by attendees at the event.

9 March 2021
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