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Update on Court hearing in the Link group claim on behalf of Woodford investors

Following the hearing of Leigh Day and Harcus Parker’s clients’ application for a group litigation order in December 2022, the judge has ordered joint case management of the claims brought by the Leigh Day and Harcus Parker claimants, and the firms are continuing to work together to seek the best outcome for our clients.

On Monday 16 January 2023, Leigh Day formally served proceedings on Link.

The next steps will be for Leigh Day and Harcus Parker to jointly file and serve a Generic Particulars of Claim, setting out the common arguments made on behalf of Leigh Day and Harcus Parker’s clients, in February. Claims are being jointly managed by the Court and LD and HP are proceeding together. Link Fund Solutions is then due to file and serve its Defence arguments in early May 2023.

Leigh Day is representing over 13,400 Woodford investors.

Meriel Hodgson-Teall, Senior Associate at Leigh Day, commented “Leigh Day has now served claims against Link Fund Solutions Limited on behalf of almost a thousand of our clients. This is a significant milestone, and takes us one step further towards a resolution of the claims.  We are continuing to work tirelessly for our clients, who suffered devastating losses to their savings and pensions as a result of the collapse of this fund, to obtain the best outcome we can.”

20 January 2023
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