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Webinar: The Woodford Scandal and why it really matters

Date: Tuesday 5 April 2022
Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Format: Webinar

Watch the recording of this webinar in which Leigh Day associate solicitor Meriel Hodgson-Teall and a panel organised by the Transparency Task Force discuss the Woodford scandal and how the victims can get the compensation they deserve.

Watch the recording here.

There has been much talk and many pages written about the Woodford scandal.

It’s a scandal that centres around a rockstar fund manager’s fall from grace; a scandal that leads to life-changing financial losses that have shattered the lives of thousands of investors; a scandal that has rocked the investment world and the regulatory framework that’s supposed to govern it.


The purpose of this event is to deal with four key questions:

  • What happened?
  • Who’s to blame for what happened?
  • How might the thousands of victims get the justice and compensation they deserve?
  • What changes are needed to help ensure that nothing like it happens again?


Speaker panel

Andy Agathangelou, Founder, Transparency Task Force; Governor, Pensions Policy Institute; Chair, Secretariat Committee, APPG on Pension Scams; Chair, Secretariat Committee, APPG on Personal Banking and Fairer Financial Services; Chair of the Violation Tracker UK Advisory Board.

Mark Bishop, Leader, Connaught Action Group.

Meriel Hodgson-Teall, Associate Solicitor, Leigh Day who is working on the case on behalf of claimants.

Owen Walker, Award-winning business journalist, covering European banks for the Financial Times; and author of Built on a Lie: The Rise and Fall of Neil Woodford and the Fate of Middle England’s Money.

Tom Winnifrith, Editor Shareprophets.com who started warning about Woodford in 2015 and who Panorama and others credit as being the first journalist who exposed what the fund manager was up to over the course of more than 1000 articles, podcasts and videos.

28 March 2022
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