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Webinar: Woodford – ‘The Cavalry is Coming’

Date: Tuesday 19 July 2022
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Format: Webinar
Cost: Free

Did you miss the webinar hosted by ShareSoc discussing the latest in the Woodford case? You can now watch the recording. Featuring keynote speaker Baroness Altmann, Leigh Day Associate Solicitor Meriel Hodgson-Teall and an expert panel.

Watch the recording here


The webinar was hosted by ShareSoc (the UK Individual Shareholders’ Society), on 19 July 2022.


  1. Baroness Altmann - Keynote speaker. Baroness Altmann, Consumer Finance champion, Member of the House of Lords and ex-Pensions Minister, is a leading UK pensions expert, and politically independent, she champions ordinary people and social justice. She will give her views on the Woodford failures and the implications for people’s income in retirement when they lose a large part of their investment portfolio.
  2. Robin Powell, the noted financial journalist and consumer finance campaigner, has written extensively on the Woodford saga. He will give his assessment of what actually went wrong and provide an update on the latest developments.
  3. Meriel Hodgson-Teall, Associate Solicitor, Leigh Day will review the legal case against Link, why the application for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) is important and the next steps. These will include statements of case, disclosure, expert evidence, negotiation, case preparation, settlement or case trial, and the deadline for signing up.
  4. Cliff Weight, Director of the ShareSoc Woodford Campaign, will review the four legal claims ongoing (and their merits), and the potential for other claims.
  5. Q&A – Panel
4 July 2022
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