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Woodford: What’s next?… and why Parliament must listen

Date: Tuesday 27 September 2022
Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm
Format: Webinar
Cost: Free - Click here to book your place

Join us for this free webinar in which Meriel Hodgson-Teall, a senior lawyer at Leigh Day, and a panel organised by the Transparency Task Force discuss the Woodford scandal and how investors in this fund can get the compensation they deserve.

Meriel will provide an update on the latest developments in the group claim Leigh Day is bringing on behalf of investors. She will also offer her reflections on the recent updates from the Financial Conduct Authority about its investigation into the collapse of the fund.

There has been much talk and many pages written about the Woodford scandal.

It’s a scandal that centres around a rockstar fund manager’s fall from grace; a scandal that leads to life-changing financial losses that have shattered the lives of thousands of investors; a scandal that has rocked the investment world and the regulatory framework that’s supposed to govern it.

The webinar will answer four key questions:

  • What happened?
  • Who’s to blame for what happened?
  • How might the thousands of victims get the justice and compensation they deserve?
  • What changes are needed to ensure that nothing like it happens again?

Speaker panel

  • Andy Agathangelou, Founder, Transparency Task Force
  • Mark Bishop, Leader, Connaught Action Group
  • Meriel Hodgson-Teall, Senior Lawyer, Leigh Day
  • Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc

To book your FREE place, please click here.

Leigh Day and Transparency Task Force look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 27 September.


26 September 2022
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